Twitch: FH20 Apparel Collection

Twitch merchandise is more than just swag, it's a coveted treasure in the community that represents a symbol of unity. The 2020 collection was a milestone for Twitch, offering a wider variety of silhouettes, textures, colors, and styles to express oneself during a difficult time. As the Brand Experience Director, I managed the apparel production partner and set the design direction for the campaign launch and photoshoot. The collection was launched during GlitchCon, with timed loot drops integrated into the programming, social media, targeted emails, and digital ads across the Amazon platform to generate excitement. This led up to the full opening of the Loot Cave online store, where the collection was available for purchase.
Art Direction / Apparel Design / Ecomm Launch
Brand Experience Director - Tyler Morten
Campaign Photographer - Ted Simmons
Agency Support - Media Monks
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