Twitch: HQ Experience Center

Project Overview

Creative Strategy / Experiential Design
At its core, the Twitch Experience Center was created to be a physical manifestation of the brand that engaged and excited visitors coming into HQ. This however was not the only goal for the space. The space also needed to tie in the live nature of the product and also be used as a multi-purpose area for Twitch Studio and other internal activations. Twitch being an interactive and ever changing community meant there was an opportunity to integrate a unique experiential execution into the Experience Center. With this in mind, the Twitchverse was born. The Twitchverse is an always-on digital aquarium (just wait, it gets weirder) that offers a whole new way to support your favorite streamers, and to discover new ones. It lives as a permanent installation inside the Twitch HW lobby and as a channel on the platform. The “creatures” in the aquarium all represent Partnered channels and their communities, and, like the communities they represent, it’s up to all of you to feed them so they grow.


Brand Experience Director - Tyler Morten
Agency Support - Latitude
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