VSC Performance: Brand Launch

Project Overview

Brand Positioning / Creative Strategy / Design Ecosystem / Ecomm Platform
2021 brought an evolution to the Vermont SportsCar brand in the form of VSC Performance. A sub-brand that brings all of the engineering, success, culture, and heritage of the Vermont SportsCar race team to a consumer facing performance product offering. Building off of the VSC brand identity, VSC Performance would need to be translated into it's own brand across all marketing channels. This included brand voice/look + feel, ECOMM direction, product photography, product packaging and supporting materials, social activation, event presence, and more. At launch, it was extremely important to validate and educate the community about what VSC Performance is and where it came from through visual storytelling. As the brand grows, the identity is built to grow with it across the everchanging marketing landscapes.


Creative Director - Tyler Morten
Video Production Agency - Bowes Media
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